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This week, meet Jenn O’Mara and Joe Webster, and talk about election strategy

Primary elections are right around the corner, on May 15. This week, we’ll be hearing from Jenn O’Mara, who’s running in for the PA State Legislature in the 165th district against Charlton, and from Joe Webster, who’s running in the 150th against Corr. As always, if you’re not sure what district you’re in, you can check using this tool.

On April 4, we heard from Kadida Kenner of Why Courts Matter Pennsylvania. Kadida brought us up-to-date on the fight to protect the courts from Trump’s tsunami of judicial nominees, many of whom are unqualified, and others for whom the home-state senators have declined to give a blue-slip endorsement. Afterwards, we sent off postcards to our senators expressing our concern over some of the most recent nominees for federal judgeships.

If you haven’t yet, please phone your senator’s offices (Casey, 202-224-6324; Toomey, 202-224-4254) and express your opposition to Trump’s nominee for the 3rd Circuit of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh attorney David J. Porter. Porter was former U.S. Senator Santorum’s personal attorney and would be a devastating pick for PA. In fact — even if you already have, go ahead and do it again…  Kadida Kenner at the Way Forward, April 4, 2018 Way Forward members' postcards to Senators Toomey and Casey, April 4, 2018

Kadida Kenner at the Way Forward, April 4, 2018

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