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Post-primary party, and fair education funding – May 16, 2018

First things first: MAY 15 IS PRIMARY DAY. Get out and vote! Get your friends, family, neighbors, enemies, and total strangers out to vote! If you’re not sure of your polling place, find out here. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Even if your candidates are running unopposed, turnout matters. The more people show up to vote in the primary, the easier it’ll be for candidates to get funding from the party and from outside donors. And the war chest matters when we get down to the wire this fall.

But on May 16, the primary’s going to be behind us, and it’ll be time to celebrate. So …. Deb is bringing a cake!

There should be plenty for everybody. Let’s celebrate the hard work we’ve put in and the great strides our candidates have taken over the past year.

We’ll also be hearing from Susan Bickel of POWER Interfaith about their upcoming Harrisburg lobby day. One of POWER’s current campaigns, which we heard about last year, is the fair education funding fight. Pennsylvania has shocking disparities in state funds for education. On June 20, all of us have an opportunity to join POWER in Harrisburg to push our lawmakers to do the right thing on education funding.

Of course, we’ll also spend some time going over the primary results and what they mean going forward.

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