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An Argument for a Plant-Based Diet

There is mounting evidence that factory farmed animals are a primary contributor to climate change. Estimates range from as low as 15% to 50%. The exact range is not known, but is probably significant. Here are some thoughts to consider if you choose to eat factory farmed animals.

AIR POLLUTION – Animal protein production generates 13 times the Co2 and methane emissions as compared to vegetable protein production.Examples are beef and pork as compared to lentils and tofu.

WATER POLLUTION – The waste from billions of animals raised and slaughtered annually, finds its way into our streams and water tables. This pollutes drinking water and kills many fish species.

FOOD WASTE – The 80% of grain raised and fed to factory farmed animals can be directly consumed by humans.

DEFORESTATION – Hundreds of thousands of acres of land, especially Brazilian Rain Forest acres are cleared to make pastures to grow grain crops for animal feed.

FUEL AND WATER USAGE – Enormous amounts of fossil fuels and water are used in animal agriculture as compared to plant agriculture.

ANTIBIOTICS – Approximately 80% of all antibiotics used in the United States are fed to farm animals. This leads to” super bugs,” and resistance to diseases contracted by humans.
The continued consumption of animal foods is held up by the myth that protein requirements can only be met by eating animal protein. On the contrary, all protein needs can be met with abundance on a diet comprised solely of whole plant foods.

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Plus endless conversations with customers on every conceivable diet while being an owner of a health food store & food product manufacturer.

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