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We are a group of committed citizens living in the Phoenixville, Pennsylvania area
We meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
The Way Forward

Join us!

Sick of politics as usual? We are too. We can’t stand the shouting, the name-calling, and the false choices.

So we’re reinventing it, from the ground up.

We meet twice a month to talk about current issues, learn what’s going on in our community, and figure out how we can make a difference. Our motto: defend the vulnerable, practice courageous dialogue, and resist injustice and fear.

Are you in?

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Recent posts

It’s crunch time – can you write some postcards?

It’s getting close to crunch time. We’re closing in on Nov. 3rd and are all anxious to oust the regime in Washington. Hopefully everyone knows our State government in Harrisburg…

Join the Way Forward for October canvasses

Please complete the form below. We’ll see you on the streets next month. More details to come. (Can’t see the form? Click here.) Loading…

The Way Forward is mobilizing again for the fall – join us

In case you missed it — the Way Forward is meeting up for the first meeting of the fall season tomorrow night, Sept. 4, at our usual time — 6:30pm…

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